refactor: argent


hey there! you might be noticing that things look a little... different around here. that's because i've refactored this site to use my custom static site generator, argent. i used to use jekyll, but i wanted to be able to do more direct programming in building my pages, and i wanted to be able to do that in lua. i tried looking at some of the other static site generators out there using lua (and python too) but so many of them rely on packages that no longer exist, or language features from seven versions ago, or similar types of problems, that i wanted to have a site generator that just works.

so i wrote one! i called it argent because (a) it sounds kinda cool and (b) argent, as a silver-white color, is used in heraldry to represent the moon, and i like the oblique reference to lua. it relies on posix filesystem calls (sorry windows users, you'll need msys or something to run it) but otherwise is totally standalone -- it packages its own lua interpreter, so language version (ideally) will never change.