12key12-key universal usb hid
amarylliscgi-based conlang tool
argenta super-simple static site generator
blueroseinteractive fantasy map-creation tool
chinese-charactersstudy tool for character pronounciation3 years
dream-atlasprocedurally-generated fantasy worlds
echiumShared online image slideshow
honey-enginea 3D game engine written in C
honeysuckleLua C bindings made simple3 years
hyperspace-navigatormy OGAM37 submission
jam/ogam21One Game A Month, month 21
kalmiazero-dependency C89 COLLADA import library
lily-testa C unit testing framework
lunariaLALR(1) parser-generator for lua 5.1
marigold-cgicute CGI toolkit for lua
marigold-svgcute SVG toolkit for lua
memodommemoized DOM for vanilla js
mossroseminimal-dependency audio mixer for C
nerineartificial life simulator
phloxSimple authenticated reverse-proxy daemon
primroseproc-gen fantasy lore
rejoindersuper-simple website comments
sanine.netthe code that generates this site
scriptsjuicy scripts, hot off the press
simple2da simple 2d game engine
wormwoodjs-based redcode assembler & vm
yarrowcgi d&d stats renderer
zinniageneric flashcard typing game5 months